Dimensions standard assortment

Einbauhöhe Plattenbreite Zapfen Ø Rad Ø Gesamtbreite
Modell Rubber coating Installation height Plate width Pin Ø Wheel Ø Overall width
113 mm 60 x 60 mm 20 mm 95 mm 135 mm
A* yes
115 mm 60 x 60 mm 20 mm 97 mm 135 mm
B 97 mm 50 x 50 mm 20 mm 80 mm 118 mm
B* yes
99 mm 50 x 50 mm 20 mm 82 mm 118 mm
C 82 mm 50 x 50 mm 20 mm 64 mm 100 mm
C* yes
84 mm 50 x 50 mm 20 mm 66 mm 100 mm

*coated  casters with black or bright rubber coating, straight or round available

All caster types are available in three sizes respectively and with different adapters.

Dimensions another adapter

Zapfen Ø
Platten Ø

Pin Ø Plate Ø Pin height

Bolt sleeve
28 mm 62 mm 50 mm

Bolt sleeve
23 mm 52 mm 42 mm

Innovative manufacturing process for improved runnability

We coat and mechanically postprocess our brass casters using elaborate procedures: turning on the lathe gives the caster a ball-like shape and significantly improves runnability.The caster does not flatten under its load even during long periods standing. The grand piano can be moved easily without effort.

All in all, our assortment includes matt, varnished, polished, and coated casters with these outstanding features

  • Maintenance-free protected ball bearings
  • Solid firm brakes with lever drag knob or T-handle brake knob
  • Enclosed design, easy to clean
  • Solid connection to the foot via a long pin
  • Simple & easy assembly:
    even the replacement of traditional castors for
    the improved runnable casters is quick and easy
  • Elegant design
  • Coated, non-marking casters (no streakin)
  • Permanently elastic, soft and floor-protective coating
  • Solid brass casters
  • High-precision machining using CNC machines
  • Spare parts and repairs

Optional extras upon request

  • Equipped with T-handle brake knob or lever drag knob of choice
  • Chrome-plated, gold-plated and additional design-castors
  • Special adapters: customized cups available

Of course, you can use our casters as furniture casters.

We sell our casters exclusively through our wholesale distributors:

Alfred Jahn GmbH:  www.pianoteile.com
Knud Danielsen A/S: www.knuddanielsen.dk
Oliag AG: www.oliag.ch

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